Our Team

Thornhill Nursery School & Kindergarten

Our greatest asset is our staff. Each of our Registered Early Childhood Educators is a member of the College of Childhood Education and, together with our assistant teachers, demonstrate a warm, compassionate approach for each individual child. All of our staff are committed to on-going professional development and hold a current health assessment, police check and CPR and first aid course training prior to their first day of work based on the Child Care Licensing Manual. Child/teacher ratios are based on ministry standards which are 5:1 (Pre-Nursery), 8:1 (Nursery) and 8:1 (Kindergarten).

Mrs. Jackie Radoman

Director, R.ECE.

Mrs. Radoman has 40+ years of teaching experience in public and private schools and has been part of the TNSK family since 2015. As a Registered Early Childhood Educator, she is passionate about creating a safe, loving and fun filled environment for children to continue a lifelong love for learning. She is a supportive listener and hears the concerns from parents and staff, collaborating with them, to create a change best for the school community. During her years at TNSK, Mrs. Radoman has taught in the nursery programs, junior kindergarten classes, before and after school programs, along with summer camp. Since 2021 Mrs. Radoman has had the privilege to be the School Director.

Mrs. Audrey Hellreich


Mrs. Audrey has 30+ years of experience in teaching kindergarten and is a Registered Early Childhood Educator. Since 2018, she promotes independence, teamwork and responsibility in her students here at TNSK. She helps her students achieve academic readiness for primary education and encourages their love for reading and learning. She develops and plans a diverse program, while supporting the individual needs of her classroom. 

Ms. Katy Sorvari

Teaching Assistant

Ms. Katy has 8+ years of experience in teaching. While joining our family in 2019, she develops a nurturing environment while focusing on the well-being of a child’s development and ensuring that their needs are being met. Speaking Farsi and Swedish allows Ms. Katy to be a communicative branch for our school community. She is a reflective educator, who demonstrates the ability to create engaging activities for the children, through art and play. 

Ms. Oxana Lapteva


Ms. Lapteva has 19+ years of experience in teaching and is a Registered Early Childhood Educator. Working at TNSK since 2017, she continues to provide a stimulating, challenging and progressive educational experience for children. Ms. Lapteva fosters children’s interpersonal skills and self-esteem, through engagement and social interactions. She believes in fostering a loving environment that promotes learning through play and hands-on experiences.

Ms. Annamaria Carone

Assistant Director, R.ECE., Ba.Sc.

Ms. Annamaria holds a Bachelors Degree and is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who joined us in 2023. Having over 9+ years of experience within both public and private schools, she is a strong believer in respecting the child, their interests and abilities in the classroom.  Ms. Annamaria believes all children have the right to be given opportunities to develop to their fullest potential. She inspires children to grow, flourish and successfully reaching their goals through play and hands-on experiences. She creates an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity. She is fluent in Italian and conversational French, Spanish and Russian. Ms. Annamaria is a team player that works with parents, staff, and board members, while assisting in the classroom.

Mrs. Ellen Jun


Ms. Jun has 14+ years of experience in teaching and is a Registered Early Childhood Educator. She has had the opportunity to work with children in a variety of settings. Since 2017, Mrs. Jun has and continues to plan and implement a play-based curriculum according to the developmental needs of the children. She creates a meaningful learning environment, including parents as part of the on going communication for their child’s success.

Ms. Diana Habekost

Teaching Assistant

Ms. Habekost has been at TNSK since 2013 and has 10+ years of experience in teaching. She is very passionate about working with children. She has completed various seminars and courses to broaden her knowledge in aiding children for their future school success. She believes in fostering individuality and creativity while showing respect for others. Ms. Habekost obtains a current food handler certificate, while being our resident cook. She takes pride in preparing nutritious, healthy and delicious lunches for our children.

Ms. Caitlin Robertson

Office Administrator, R.ECE.

Ms. Caitlin is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and plays a vital role in communications to keep parents informed on the daily events the school is partaking in. She has joined TNSK in 2021 and since then she plays an important role in ensuring the school operations run smoothly. Parents, students and staff look forward to seeing her in the morning and at pick- ups.

Ms. Aimée Landry

Teaching Assistant

Ms. Aimee has 15+ years of experience the early childhood education field. She holds a Montessori Diploma and has worked in primarily in Montessori schools. She is dedicated in working with the students in her classroom. From being a parent of the school, to then becoming part of the TNSK family in 2022, Ms. Aimée is a valued member of the team. Collaborating with the educators in the room, she constructs a holistic and positive learning environment.

Ms. Bella Steinberg-Sinukoff


Ms. Bella has 20+ years of experience teaching kindergarten and recently joined our TNSK family in 2023. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Education and is recognized as an Early Childhood Educator. While having had the privilege of owning her own centre in the past, Ms. Bella is a strong believer in fostering creativity and individuality in her kindergarteners. She nurtures the students’ curiosity about the world and enhances the program with her knowledge of the French language. Students look forward to French classes with Ms. Bella, as she creates a fun, interactive conversation learning experience. She promotes academic readiness and confidence for future school trajectories, while respecting individual learning needs.